we pray to set people free from emotional + spiritual wounds

The purpose of this prayer model is to show readers how to allow the Lord to heal inner emotional wounds as simply and effectively as possible.

the holy spirit does the healing,  and even the most effective and experienced prayer ministers all agree, the lord is doing all the work.

So, the goal is to let Him heal as easily as possible.

the simple effective prayer (sep) inner healing model

The secondary goal is to simply teach people who want to become prayer ministers how to partner with the Holy Spirit. The Inner Healing Model's design trains people to start blessing others quickly. Trainees complete six to eight classroom instruction hours and also observe and participate in a few practice prayer sessions under an experienced prayer minister's guidance. They can then begin practicing their new skills by using the Recipient's Prayer Guide.

The third goal is to allow people from traditional Christian backgrounds to grow comfortable praying for people. Any Christian who believes the Lord wants to heal people should be able to use this model.

ready to get started?

understanding healing prayer

The SEP Inner Healing Prayer model is focused on emotional healing and removing the ways that a person is hindered from developing a healthy connection with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The model seeks to help a person by removing negative ancestral and soul tie influences, by replacing false beliefs with truth, and most importantly, healing heart wounds.

- Michelle J.

I was very blessed by the time that I spent in prayer with Press and Gena.

The SEP model they used to walk me through was very clear, and I left with my heart lighter and knowing that I could continue to use what I had learned as the Holy Spirit revealed more.

- Sjoukje L.

The safe place that Press and Gena provide (even online) made it easy to open up and find a deeper restoration than I had ever experienced.

I found freedom from thoughts that have been weighing me down heavily, and even six months later they haven't been back.

- Phil P.

The prayer ministers did a great job facilitating the session. The application process gave insight and direction to focus on the real issues.

they Made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Had a real Jesus encounter. Highly recommend!