Many believers today remain weighed down by burdens that need to be released, and do not enjoy the freedom the Lord desires for them. As prayer ministers, we partner with the Holy Spirit to set his children free, and in return, we often receive a blessing.

More than ever, we all need access to the supernatural power available to us.

introduction to the sep model

Prayer ministers must understand God's Father heart is for the healing of all His children. Inner healing is a ministry of compassion. In Jesus' first sermon recorded in Luke 4:18–19, He declared the specifics of His role in carrying out His Father's plan. He read from the scroll recorded in Isaiah 61 saying:

While journaling with the Lord, Press sensed we needed to write a manual that simply described the fundamental methods we were practicing in our healing prayer training and ministry. The Lord even gave Press the name for the manual, Simple Effective Prayer: A Model for Inner Healing (SEP). This manual is a compilation of the principles we learned, modified, and used in prayer ministry, after training with Christian Healing Ministries (CHM), Restoring the Foundations (RTF), and Global Awakening. We are indebted to these organizations for their pioneering work in healing prayer ministry and providing insight that all prayer needs to be led by the Holy Spirit.

"The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me
to proclaim good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
and recovering of sight to the blind,
to set at liberty those who are oppressed, 
to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor." 

Throughout this manual, principles and prayer suggestions are offered to help guide and structure the healing process. However, they do not constitute a formula. Prayer ministers must always first acknowledge the Holy Spirit's presence in the prayer session, invite Him to have His way in leading the specifics of the session, and then listen for His guidance.

The holy Spirit directs the prayer session while we, as prayer ministers, are merely facilitators.

It is also of utmost importance that the prayer recipient feels loved and cared for during the prayer session. Treat them with absolute honor and respect. Remember, you are Jesus with skin on to this person. Sessions are most effective when the recipient hears directly from the Lord, and this manual will help you facilitate the process of leading the recipient to communicate directly with Him.

The more you lean into the Lord and develop an intimate relationship with him, the more you will recognize his messages.

Some inner healing prayer ministers experience the Holy Spirit’s guidance as a thought or an idea that pops into their head—others may see a vision. He may prompt you to ask the prayer recipient a question or to repeat a phrase. Ask the Lord for validation before you share a cue, and ask if you should share it. Sometimes the Lord tells us something, but the timing is not right for us to pass the information on to the recipient.

about the manual

This manual focuses on how to facilitate inner or emotional healing.

First, an explanation of open doors leading to oppression is described.

A definition of forgiveness and its importance in the healing process is outlined. 

Specific target areas in the prayer session are depicted, including negative influences (i.e., ancestral influences and unhealthy relationships referred to as unhealthy soul ties), false beliefs (lies and word curses), and finally, heart wounds. 

A prayer for the recipient's continued freedom follows, including some suggestions for walking out their freedom.

The Appendices contain suggested prayers, two worksheets for prayer ministers, the Interview Form, and the Recipient's Prayer Guide. Prayer sessions typically last 120–150 minutes.

Our sincere hope for each person reading this manual is for you to partner with the Holy Spirit and effectively apply the principles presented, so others can receive healing.

Remember, what the Lord gives us is not for us alone; it is meant to be passed on. 

This video is part one of a two-part video introduction to the Simple Effective Prayer model, facilitated by Press and Gena Barnhill.

Watch the SEP training videos below

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This video is part two of a two-part video introduction to the Simple Effective Prayer model, facilitated by Press and Gena Barnhill.

- Angel S.

Through the prayer session, I was able to experience an uprooting of things the Lord had been wanting me to see, but I kept from coming up.

After the inner healing prayer session, I was able to walk out in freedom.

- Gyvonne

It's the first time that I can say with full confidence that I am walking in freedom from the pain that I carried for years.

I now see my story as a glorification of God's purpose to heal broken hearts around the world.

- Edi M.

I am deeply thankful for the love and compassion Jesus extended to me in this journey through these simple and effective prayers!

An overwhelming sense of God's love and peace replaced the guilt, shame, and generational bondages I had carried for years.

When we minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we share the presence of God by imparting Him to others. We partner with Him, and He produces the results.

Pray confidently, knowing the Lord will equip you!

May you rely solely on the Holy Spirit, taking the pressure off as you bring inner healing to those you encounter.

blessings, press & gena barnhill

*Disclaimer: The SEP model is a basic approach, and prayer ministers may occasionally need to refer their prayer recipients to a more experienced prayer minister. For example, persons with complex mental health issues such as dissociative identity disorder or satanic ritual abuse (SRA) may need more in-depth intervention.

Consistent with other prayer ministries, such as CHM and RTF, we agree that prayer ministers need to be under a church and pastor's authority. It also is essential that prayer ministers live a life consistent with Christian principles and are willing to receive personal ministry and spiritual guidance.

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