In The Awakening, a small group of traditional church members discover how to help people receive both physical and emotional healing. Overcoming opposition and fear, the team learns to partner with the Holy Spirit in healing prayer. This is the beginning of the Freedom in Healing series. The first exciting novel, The Battle begins immediately after The Awakening. Two other equally inspiring novels in the series include The Revenge and The Rematch, and both will be available soon.

The Awakening

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This book is an extension of the lessons learned as a healing prayer minister using the SEP model. It provides spiritual and practical insights into how Holy Spirit-led prayer can heal heart wounds and guide a person to find their true identity in Christ. Gena and Press have prayed with hundreds of people, including over two hundred men in a prison ministry. Stories and the miracles shared in healing prayer sessions are interwoven throughout the book, along with stories and lessons learned from Gena’s life, to encourage and inspire others.

Freedom from brokenness

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This second book of the Freedom in Healing series tells the story of a healing prayer team from the small fictional town of Rockton, Indiana. They pray for a former witch, and this leads to spiritual battles with a local coven of witches. They become aware of the dark spirits working against the churches in their area. The 6-member prayer team, led by Darleen and Roger Wilson, is directed by dreams and visions to go on a 7-day ocean cruise to help a ship that is under spiritual attack.

The battle

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This third book of the Freedom in Healing series has the prayer team attending a spiritual awakening conference and praying with many people. The enemy sends a powerful witch to confront them and directly threaten the safety of the attendees. Glimpses into the spirit world happen and, in the final confrontation, a major spiritual battle is fought.

The revenge

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This fourth book of the Freedom in Healing Series returns the prayer team to the Esprit for a major confrontation with darkness. Many spiritual battles are fought and many people are healed. In the end, the battles put the entire ship in grave danger.

The rematch

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The Simple Effective Prayer (SEP) Model was developed to allow Christians of different beliefs to learn God wants his children healed and free, and that healing prayer works. The manual provides step-by-step instructions on how to pray. Readers can learn the model in a reasonable time and can soon be making a powerful difference in the lives of many believers.

Simple effective prayer: a model for healing prayer

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