Will you be the one who imparts freedom and restoration?
What if you could be the reason someone finally finds hope?

What if you could witness your friends and loved ones experience God’s healing power of love?
Those who have already been set free are called to set others free as well!

We don’t need to jump through multiple hoops for this to happen. God doesn’t just call giant men and women of faith to impart inner healing to this broken world.

Now more than ever, we need access to the supernatural power available to us.

We are each called to release freedom into the lives of others. This is only made possible when we partner with the Holy Spirit.

We’ve designed the Simple Effective Prayer (SEP) model to make it easy for ordinary people, just like us, to become prayer ministers.

The SEP Inner Healing Prayer is a model designed for prayer ministers to follow while praying for others. The goal is for prayer recipients to receive emotional and spiritual healing through God’s power.

The recipient removes hindrances that have held them back from having a healthy relationship with the Lord. The prayer minister guides this process under the direction of the Holy Spirit. The SEP model seeks to help a person remove negative ancestral and soul tie influences. False beliefs are replaced with the Lord’s truth. Heart wounds are healed in this process.

The purpose of the Simple Effective Prayer (SEP) manual is to show readers how to allow the Lord to impart healing to emotional wounds.

The Holy Spirit does the healing. The goal of all followers of this method is to allow God to heal the recipients as easily as possible.

Does the SEP model work?

We have trained people nationally and internationally using this inner healing prayer model. Our greatest reward is seeing people set free and walk into their God-given destiny. If the Lord can use ordinary people like us to bring healing to the brokenhearted, then He can use you.

How is this model designed?
The structure of the SEP model helps prayer ministers connect with the Holy Spirit. The model is designed to train people to bless others quickly.

Trainees complete six to eight classroom instruction hours. They observe and participate in a few inner healing prayer sessions under the guidance of an experienced prayer minister. They can then practice their new skills by using the Recipient's Prayer Guide.

Why would God’s children need to attain victory if Jesus’s death has already set us free?
John 8:23 says, “So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, he offers us freedom. But we are still imperfect people who live in a broken world. We make mistakes that we wish to undo. We can face traumatic experiences, broken relationships, and shattered dreams. All of these experiences can leave us hurt, wounded, and broken. We need to accept The Lord's gift of freedom and ask Him to help us break off the negative influences impacting us.

Jesus died so we could walk in total freedom. The remnants of this sinful world do not need to cast shackles over our lives. Nor do we need to remain in the chains of yesterday. Instead, we can cherish the new life Jesus Christ has purchased for us. Unfortunately, many of God’s children remain weighed down by the burdens of life. This prevents them from basking in the liberating freedom God desires for them.
As prayer ministers, we invite the Holy Spirit to bring a fresh renewal to the hearts of our prayer recipients. We ask God to release them from damaging results caused by trauma, abuse, addiction, sin, word curses, unhealthy relationships, and self-condemnation.

How do we know God longs for His children to receive inner healing?

Inner healing is a prayer ministry of compassion. In Jesus's first sermon recorded in Luke 4:18–19, He declared the specifics of how He must carry out the Father's plan. He read from the scroll recorded in Isaiah 61, saying,

     The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
     because he has anointed me
     to proclaim good news to the poor.
     He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives
     and recovering of sight to the blind,
     to set at liberty those who are oppressed,
     to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

When God’s children remain in brokenness, they become too crippled to carry out their divine assignments. As a result, the body of Christ becomes hindered from expanding God’s kingdom.

Yet, the church must remain strong if we are to carry out the Great Commission and further the gospel. Inner healing prayer helps people overcome hindrances that keep them from furthering their purpose in God’s kingdom.

How did the SEP model and manual begin?

When Press journaled with the Lord during his quiet time, he felt God nudge his heart. Press sensed we needed to write a manual, one that simply described the fundamental methods we practice in our inner healing prayer ministry. The Lord gave Press the name for this manual— Simple Effective Prayer: A Model for Inner Healing (SEP).

This manual is a compilation of the principles we have learned, modified, and used in prayer ministry. We trained with Christian Healing Ministries (CHM), Restoring the Foundations (RTF), and Global Awakening. We are indebted to these organizations for their pioneering work in healing prayer ministry. We thank them for teaching people all prayer should be led by the Holy Spirit.

Is SEP a formulaic approach to prayer and inner emotional healing?

No! Throughout the manual, we offer principles and prayer suggestions to structure the process. But this does not constitute a formula. Prayer ministers must first acknowledge the Holy Spirit's presence in the prayer session. They are to invite Him to lead and then listen for His guidance.
The Holy Spirit directs the prayer sessions. We, as prayer ministers, are mere facilitators.

What if I am not comfortable praying for others?

That’s why we created a model that all believers can apply. People from all Christian backgrounds can use this model. As they intercede for people, they will grow comfortable by remaining sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

The pressure, after all, is not on us. We must surrender to the Lord during the session. Then,  share God’s presence by imparting His healing love to others.

If we partner with the Holy Spirit, then He will produce the results. We can pray confidently and trust that the Lord will equip us!

Do I need to be an ordained minister to follow this method? What are the requirements?

No. The Holy Spirit is the One who guides the process. Prayer ministers must not rely on their own knowledge but lean into the Lord instead. That’s why it is of the utmost importance that we develop an intimate relationship with Him and recognize His messages. 

Sessions are most effective when the recipient hears from the Lord.
The SEP manual will help you guide the  prayer recipient to communicate with Him.

For example, the Holy Spirit may cause a thought or an idea to pop into your head during the session. Or you may see a vision. He may prompt you to ask the prayer recipient a question or to repeat a phrase.
Before sharing what you sense, it’s important to first ask the Lord for permission to share with the recipient.  Sometimes the Lord tells us something but the timing may not yet be right for us to pass on the information.

The prayer ministers need to expresses the Lord's love and care for the recipient and treat the recipient with honor and respect. We are to be representatives of Christ.

How can I learn more about how to become a prayer minister using this method?

Our book, Simple Effective Prayer: A Model for Inner Healing (SEP), provides a step-by-step guide for the prayer sessions. This manual focuses on how you can facilitate inner or emotional healing.

In the manual, we explain what it means to open doors that lead to oppression. We then provide a definition of forgiveness and the role it plays in receiving healing. We encourage prayer ministers to address target areas of brokenness. This includes negative influences (such as ancestral influences and unhealthy relationships), false beliefs (lies and word curses), and heart wounds.

The Appendices contain suggested prayers, worksheets for prayer ministers, the Interview Form, and the Recipient's Prayer Guide. Prayer sessions typically last 150–180 minutes.

Our sincere hope for each person reading this manual is for you to partner with the Holy Spirit and effectively apply the principles presented so that others can receive healing.

Remember, what the Lord gives us is not for us alone; it is meant to be passed on. 

You can learn more about the process by watching the following SEP training videos:

- Angel S.

Through the prayer session, I was able to experience an uprooting of things the Lord had been wanting me to see, but I kept from coming up.

After the inner healing prayer session, I was able to walk out in freedom.

- Gyvonne

It's the first time that I can say with full confidence that I am walking in freedom from the pain that I carried for years.

I now see my story as a glorification of God's purpose to heal broken hearts around the world.

- Edi M.

I am deeply thankful for the love and compassion Jesus extended to me in this journey through these simple and effective prayers!

An overwhelming sense of God's love and peace replaced the guilt, shame, and generational bondages I had carried for years.

When we minister under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, we share the presence of God by imparting Him to others. We partner with Him, and He produces the results.

Pray confidently, knowing the Lord will equip you!

May you rely solely on the Holy Spirit, taking the pressure off as you bring inner healing to those you encounter.

blessings, press & gena barnhill

*Disclaimer: The SEP model is a basic approach, and prayer ministers may occasionally need to refer their prayer recipients to a more experienced prayer minister. For example, persons with complex mental health issues such as dissociative identity disorder or satanic ritual abuse (SRA) may need more in-depth intervention.

Consistent with other prayer ministries, such as CHM and RTF, we agree that prayer ministers need to be under a church and pastor's authority. It also is essential that prayer ministers live a life consistent with Christian principles and are willing to receive personal ministry and spiritual guidance.

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