Leave your past behind, step into your God-given purpose, & experience victory. You can embark on your journey of freedom today.

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We are a husband and wife duo who are passionate about ministering healing and freedom to God’s children. We do this by following the reliable SEP model (Simple Effective Prayer) in our prayer ministry. This is a straightforward method that is proven to transform victims into victors.

Our desire is this: To witness the Body of Christ become renewed and restored into its original design. That way, it can function the way God intended.

That is the heart behind our inner healing prayer ministry.

the simple effective prayer (sep) inner healing model

Let’s face it … We live in a broken world. If you’ve been here for a while now, chances are, you have experienced some form of brokenness in your life.

Perhaps the word darts people have thrown at you have left you wounded and vulnerable.

Maybe the sin you committed decades ago still haunts and provokes you, crippling you with guilt and shame.

Or maybe you've faced abandonment as a child. And now your guarded heart keeps you from enjoying healthy relationships as an adult.

What if you could leave behind the ghosts of the past once and for all? What if you could silence those voices of insecurity and stride into your God-given destiny?

Jesus alone can unlock the victory you long for.

You don’t need to remain tied down to the hurts, pains, and regrets of yesterday. Allow God to renew your heart so it can beat again.

It’s never too late.

Through our inner healing ministry, we have seen hundreds of people worldwide receive their new life. This includes prison inmates. It has been a joy of ours to witness our prayer recipients fulfill a future they’ve dreamt about. One they never thought possible.

That is the heart behind our inner healing prayer ministry.

You, too, can shake off the shackles of yesterday. 

You can encounter God’s healing power of love and step into your God-given destiny.

By following our Simple Effective Prayer model (SEP), you can bring healing to those who are desperate.

We have trained people across the globe on how they can be prayer ministers. This practical approach to inner spiritual and emotional healing is possible through SEP.

If the Lord can use ordinary people like us to help heal the brokenhearted, then He can use you as well.

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understanding healing prayer

Serve as a vessel for God’s healing power of love.

The SEP design guides prayer ministers in partnering with the Holy Spirit and ushering in God’s glory. The Lord does all the work.

Discover a step-by-step method that helps ordinary people become agents of God’s miracle-working power. All you must do is invite Him and His presence to take over. Then witness your prayer recipients receive their breakthrough of healing, purpose, peace, and love.

People are desperate. 

Will you be the one who imparts freedom and restoration?

- Michelle J.

I was very blessed by the time that I spent in prayer with Press and Gena.

The SEP model they used to walk me through was very clear, and I left with my heart lighter and knowing that I could continue to use what I had learned as the Holy Spirit revealed more.

- Sjoukje L.

The safe place that Press and Gena provide (even online) made it easy to open up and find a deeper restoration than I had ever experienced.

I found freedom from thoughts that have been weighing me down heavily, and even six months later they haven't been back.

- Phil P.

The prayer ministers did a great job facilitating the session. The application process gave insight and direction to focus on the real issues.

they Made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Had a real Jesus encounter. Highly recommend!