In Simple Effective Prayer, you will receive a training model that guides you to partner with the Holy Spirit so you can …
• Invite the Lord to impart healing to your prayer recipients
• Become comfortable praying for others in a way that is guided by the Holy Spirit
• Witness your prayer recipients receiving the breakthrough they’ve been longing for
• Teach people how they, too, can become prayer ministers
You will also receive:
• Prayer suggestions to structure the healing process
• Worksheets for prayer ministers
• Interview forms for prayer recipients
• The Recipient’s Prayer Guide

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Have you ever wished you could leave your past behind?
Gena Barnhill discovered a secret on how we, as believers, can encounter the Lord through inner healing prayer and push a “restart” button on life.
For years, Gena and her husband have witnessed this powerful transformation occur in the lives of individuals on the receiving end of their prayer ministry. And it always begins with the prayer recipients taking hold of their identity and authority in Christ. 
In Freedom from Brokenness, Gena shares this method, as well as inspiring stories from her prayer ministry. She then gives you biblical principles and spiritual insights so you, too, can find healing.

Freedom from brokenness

Get a taste of the book's content by listening to Gena speak on the Still Small Voice Podcast.

What is inner healing prayer, and how can it be applied to fight against evil?
In this inspirational novella, the first book of the Freedom in Healing Series, you will journey with a small group of traditional church members as they discover the power of the Holy Spirit in ministering healing prayer.
Take a glimpse into how everyday people put on their armor, preparing to face battles of the spirit. Be inspired as you witness this group overcoming opposition and fear while claiming their authority and identity in Christ. Then, join the adventure as the group sets sail on an adventure that puts their training to the test in the next powerful novel of this series, The Battle.

The Awakening

They’ve been trained for spiritual battle. Now, will their new skills be enough to help them fight against the attacks of the enemy?
In the second book of the Freedom in Healing Series, a newly-trained church group from Indiana braces themselves for an adventure on a luxury liner cruise.

But there’s an enemy whose goal is in complete conflict with theirs. He desires to see these vacationers continue to live bound by darkness, and will do everything within his power to keep them from receiving their needed healing.

Will the healing prayer this group has learned be powerful enough to thwart the schemes of the enemy? 

The battle

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This third book of the Freedom in Healing Series has the prayer team attending a spiritual awakening conference and praying with many people. The enemy sends a powerful witch to confront them and directly threaten the safety of the attendees. Glimpses into the spirit world happen and, in the final confrontation, a major spiritual battle is fought.

The revenge

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In this second book in the Freedom series Gena explores the profound impact of generational beliefs and patterns which shape our lives. Discover the keys to break free from these constraints and embrace a life of authentic freedom and purpose.

My Ancestors Did What?

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