By Gena Barnhill @BarnhillGena The Lie: God will not forgive me for falling into temptation. The Truth: God promises to forgive me when I confess my mistakes (Romans 8:1; 1 John 1:9). The false belief God will not forgive me for past mistakes and failures is a devastating lie from the enemy designed to separate […]

Healing Prayer Ministry

How to Reject the Lie God Will Not Forgive Me

Woman with a white scarf placed under her tear-filled eyes giving the impression of sadness or shame and believing God will not forgive me

By Gena Barnhill @BarnhillGena Have you met people who continually apologize? This incessant apologizing can give the impression the person is feeling unworthy or even embarrassed for merely existing. Or perhaps you have met people who appear bossy and would not think of apologizing for anything. Instead, they try to control the people and situations […]

Healing Ancestral Wounds

How Does Shame Affect Us Spiritually? The A-B-C Series on Ancestral Influences