By Gena Barnhill @BarnhillGena Have you ever found yourself thinking or saying, “I don’t feel like forgiving that person”? I know I have. I erroneously believed the people who offended me needed to demonstrate remorse or fix the situation before I would forgive them. They didn’t deserve my forgiveness until they set things right. I […]

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When I Don’t Feel Like Forgiving

Kneeling at the cross for help to feel like forgiving

by @BarnhillGena and @PressBarnhill The Lord’s desire is for all His children to receive healing. You, too, can enjoy the freedom He offers by requesting a prayer appointment. If you are interested in receiving inner healing prayer, contact us at to request a Healing Prayer Interview Form. Completing this form and the accompanying consent […]

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How do I receive healing prayer?

Tranquil setting to receive healing prayer

By Gena Barnhill @BarnhillGena Extending forgiveness to those who hurt us can be one of the most challenging, yet life-changing decisions we make. Nevertheless, the spiritual benefits of forgiveness far outweigh the consequences of withholding it. We hurt ourselves when we hold on to unforgiveness. Jesus said God would forgive us when we extend forgiveness […]

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What Are the Spiritual Benefits of Forgiveness?

The Bible tells us the spiritual benefits of forgiveness.

by Gena Barnhill @BarnhillGena and Press Barnhill @PressBarnhill Inner healing prayer refers to God’s freeing us from deep emotional wounds that cause our suffering. We refer to these hurts as heart wounds. Francis MacNutt, co-founder of Christian Healing Ministries, wrote, “The idea behind inner healing is simply that we can ask Jesus Christ to walk […]

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What Is Inner Healing Prayer?

journaling thankfulness to God for receiving inner healing prayer

by Gena Barnhill @BarnhillGena The Truth: I can defy the crippling lie I’m not worthy because I’m God’s treasured possession. My identity is in Christ, and He says I am valuable (Deuteronomy 14:2; Matthew 6:26). The Lie: I’m not worthy. I’m Not Worthy Skit Have you ever watched “Wayne’s World,” the Saturday Night Live comedy […]

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Defy the Crippling Lie I’m Not Worthy

Woman with her hand on the side of her head thinking about the crippling lie I'm not worthy